Share a Confidential Tip With Skift

Have a tip? Here’s how to reach us anonymously at Skift

Do you have information that your colleagues or the public need to know – but you’re worried that speaking out could jeopardize your job or personal safety? Important journalism often starts with confidential tips. At Skift, we specialize in covering the travel industry and how it affects individuals, governments, and companies. 

If you have specific information you’d like to share and want to keep your identity anonymous, contact us either by email or with the Signal app. Email is the easiest way to reach us. Send tips to [email protected].

You can also send tips anonymously using Signal, an app which encrypts texts and calls. You can download Signal for your desktop or mobile device here. Then contact Skift at (646) 991-1323‬.

We understand that you may be nervous about reaching out to the press. Here are some best practices to keep your information private:

These tools are dedicated only for editorial tips. For advertising, sales, technical support, press releases and other inquiries, please visit our Help Center for more information.