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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy defines what information  we collect, use and disclose in terms of personal information from our users and is incorporated into these Terms of Use.

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Feel free to link to Skift. Of course, we are happy for you to use snippets of Skift content on your own website, but you need to ask for our permission first. Send us an email through our Contact us page, with your url and the Skift text you would like to use and, more than likely, we will be pleased to give you permission to use it. We will ask that you credit us for the content you use and include our logo on any page where it appears. We will also insist that you don’t associate our content with any illegal or objectionable material. Thanks.

Inappropriate Content

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Copyright Complaints

If you really believe that someone else plagiarized you or posted content on Skift.com that infringes upon your copyright let us know through our Contact page, including the following information:

We’ll investigate, and if necessary, delete the content and, if the submitting member is a repeat offender, and doesn’t respond to rational words of warning, we’ll close his or her account.

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